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Scam Complaints

How many spam calls have you received in the last week?

Time for a wee bit of light

Most politicians, I don’t think, get smarter as they get older. They just run out of stupid things to do! Yeah, Right.

Executive Actions Cause Concern Among Some Democrats

Anxiety is building around Biden’s policy proposals, especially illegal immigration. Some party officials stress Biden is moving too quickly to undo Trump’s immigration policies, potentially hurting them with blue-collar workers and those who will need to find work after the pandemic eases. In the first sign of unease, Senate Democrats in both Arizona and Michigan …

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Rioting, Burning, Looting as Democrats look the other way!

The following was re-impressed on me recently-that of the Democrat’s hypocrisy on political violence: It is hardly fair to compare the 1-day Capitol riot, as bad as it was, to the months of LEFT-WING RIOTING that did more damage and claimed more lives, and the anti-police crusade that continues to threaten communities — as Democrats …

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Biden getting his due !

According to NEWSWEEK magazine: More Americans believe Joe Biden ‘Very Responsible’ for Capitol Riot as opposed to Mike Pence: Poll (As I see it, people are waking up to what they have done to this country [and themselves]) As the present administration continues to cost the country jobs and our well-being, how long will he …

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From the Babylon Bee:

“Trump has become more acquitted than any president ever, making him the most INNOCENT PRESIDENT OF ALL TIME!” Don’t you just love it ! Click here to read article

AARP is joining with OATS/Senior Planet

AARP is joining with OATS/Senior Planet to offer its free technology classes to older adults across the country. Find out more about the free classes Click here to go to aarp.org website

“The Paris Climate Fraud” on YouTube

Another clip worth watching

Union Worker Responds to Biden’s Threat Against AR-14

Watch on youtube

“Biden kills 11,000 union jobs after bragging about being most pro-union president”

On youtube…

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