Rioting, Burning, Looting as Democrats look the other way!

The following was re-impressed on me recently-that of the Democrat’s hypocrisy on political violence: It is hardly fair to compare the 1-day Capitol riot, as bad as it was, to the months of LEFT-WING RIOTING that did more damage and claimed more lives, and the anti-police crusade that continues to threaten communities — as Democrats convert the nation’s Capitol into a militarized zone. 
And One More Thing: keep in mind that Senator (at the time) Kamala Harris spit in the face of those whose life’s work, their small businesses, were stolen away by the fires, the looting and the burning as she set up a fund to bailout the thieves, the destructionists and the arsonists – a lot of whom went right back out and did it, again. That’s our Vice President – one heartbeat away from the Presidency!

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