Biden Continues to work against the Constitution!

President Biden is considering executive action to force new gun control measures to avoid a gun-debate logjam in Congress.

President Biden has explored some options that he thinks are available to him. While VP, he was leading the effort toward executive adtions that could be taken by President Obama, at the time.

One or two rotten apples are supposed to be found while millions of law-abiding gun owners are denied their basic constitutional rights.

Yes, several hundred people have been killed each year in the past year. But let’s look at Chicago which has the strictest gun controls of any city in the country. More people are killed in one weekend, at times, than are killed in the whole country in a month.


Crooks don’t care about the law; so under any circumstance, only the crooks will have guns – AND THAT’S A FACT!

If this same logic used by some of the democrats on guns is applied to automobiles, with 40-50 thousand dead every year, we should all be walking to work every day or taking public transportation.

“C’mon man – give me a break! “ to echo our President.
Straight from the Heartland.

5MMOL.TFI (5 Minutes More or Less,to fix it)
and I’m Alex from the Heartland.

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