AARP is joining with OATS/Senior Planet

AARP is joining with OATS/Senior Planet to offer its free technology classes to older adults across the country. Find out more about the free classes

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“The Paris Climate Fraud” on YouTube

Another clip worth watching

Union Worker Responds to Biden’s Threat Against AR-14

Watch on youtube

“Biden kills 11,000 union jobs after bragging about being most pro-union president”

On youtube…

Covid Hypocrites

Watch Stossel on youtube

Guess Who’s Back

What’s the plan…

Super Bowl and More Bears

Had a big laugh listening to the experts…

Watch “5 Socialism Myths: Part 1” on YouTube

It was real socialism…

Watch “Denzel Washington’s Speech Will Leave You SPEECHLESS

One of the Most Eye Opening Speeches Ever on YouTube

Championship and Bear’s commentary

Two great games are coming up…

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