Biden’s First Day

The nightmare begins…

Covid 19 Strikes this Family

A brother-in-law that did good!

Bears and Politics

Thank Goodness the politics are almost  over.  Unfortunately, we still face 8 games with the Bears.

The Debates are Over

Did you learn anything?

Cutting The Grass

Getting things done for the country!

Heavy Duty T-Shirt

Absorbs perspiration and dries soft on the body.

Price shown includes shipping and any applicable sales taxes.


Monday Oct 19

Talking about Bears, Supreme Court and more

Monday Morning Quarterbacking

A talk about Game 3 of the Bears. 


Delicious. Enjoy.

Who Speaks……

Commentary on the 149 police officers who died in the Line of Duty in 2019 plus the burning and looting and shooting these past weeks.

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